Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What do you expect of a data mining software

I just completed the 2013 Rexer Analytics data mining users survey. I make it a point to do my best to complete these surveys as they usually make me stop and think. This year there were two questions that were very relevant.

I am just finishing off a nice project I did for an international retailer that brought me in to run the process of choosing a Marketing Intelligence Platform (in English to choose a data mining software and to figure out how it should be deployed). One of the most interesting challenges of writing the RPI and RFP was agreeing with the business what was important to them. I found it pleasing that most of the points I put forward for discussion were listed in one or two of the questions in the survey. I will hold off voicing my very strong opinions until the survey results are published.

I am also very curious to see the results of the survey with regards to software preference and how the response has varied over time (this is one of the constant questions). During the process of engaging with the software providers and researching the web I have come to realise how much this arena has changed just in the last few years. I would believe that the opulence of solutions might, to an extent, lead to software selection paralyses. It is important not to drop the ball and remember why your organisation is looking into data mining and clearly define what you are expecting of the software to deliver (back to the original question above).

Do your bit and complete this survey ( – lets see how the responses pan out.

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